Bosch Lubricants & Filters

Fully Synthetic Lubricants, Semi-Synthetic Lubricants

Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Air Cleaners and Cabin Filters


Intima Brake Pads & Brake Shoes

Products of TBT (Taiwan Brake Technology), Reliable and high quality brake pads and brake shoes.


Bosch Spare Parts

Reliable Spark Plugs, Wipers, Horns and Fuel Pumps


Spodin Coolants, Brake Fluids and Additives

Spodin products are the best for Myanmar climate. Spodin Extended Life Coolant prevents your engine from damage. Spodin DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake Fluids make your cars safe. Additives can improve fuel economy.

We import lubricants, filters, spark plugs, wipers, brake pads, horns and suspension parts.

Grow Your Business with Our Reliable Auto Parts

Gone Shein Myanmar is Mandalay based Automotive Aftermarket distributor. It also opens branch office in Yangon. Our distribution network covers all over the country.

  • Bosch Lubricants
  • Bosch Filters
  • Bosch Spark Plugs
  • Bosch Horns
  • Bosch Wipers
  • Bosch Fuel Pumps
  • Intima Brake Pads & Brake Shoes
  • Spodin Coolant
  • Spodin Brake Fluids
  • Spodin Additives
500000 +

Annual Purchase (US Dollars)

300 +


100000 +

Lubricant Cartoons

150 +

Part Numbers

About Us

We Help Grow Local Workshops With Reliable Products.

Over 4 years of experience in distributing automotive aftermarket products have given Gone Shein Myanmar as a fast-growing industry player that it deserves. Since our humble beginning as a small-scale firm with four employees, we have grown to become what we are today.

With over 50 associates, the company is serving partners by distributing automotive products of world prestigious brands.

Myanmar car spare parts distributor
Our History


Gone Shein Myanmar has enjoyed many challenges since 2016 and now the company has two big offices in two major cities of Myanmar.

Today, Gone Shein Myanmar has partnered with over 300 customers all over the country.

We now import auto parts from world's prestigious brand, Bosch and other quality manufacturers.